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EP5 – Ventilation is the key


The fifth in a series of six episodes of HydroShow, the World’s only Hydroponics Magazine TV show – educating the masses on how to use hydroponics, hydroponic systems, plant nutrition and indoor lighting for horticulture.

In episode 5, of Hydroshow, we show you how to calculate out the correct ventilation and lighting in your grow room. Pooja interviews Dennis of Geopots at the Manchester Grow Expo, we see two very different approaches to CO2 production at Southcoast Hydroponics. Gemma sees a DIY Wilma system at the Aquaculture greenhouse. Another elaborate grow room gets built in the Hydroshow studio, Robbie from Metrop explains the importance of Calcium, and we look at a series of hydroponic fans at Wortley Hydroponics in Leeds. All this and more on the worlds first hydroponics TV Show

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